This is a personal project that came out in 2012, when inspired by Slipsum, I decided to create a customized Lorem Ipsum generator, using quotes of a 70’s brazilian comedian called Mussum mixed with the tradicional version in Latin.

Mussum was well known for your slangs and your characteristic “wrong” way of speak, that unfortunatley I’m don’t think is possible to translate.

Even knowing that Mussum was very popular on the web (because of the tons of old TV episodes with him in YouTube, I guess). It was a surprise for me how many people have liked the project!

I don’t know how, but brazilian designers and developers, use this “Lorem Ipsum” generator a lot. Five years after, and the singlepage website still receiving like 8 thousands visitors each month. So I’ve decided to maintain the website and make improvements.

The last version of the site, launched in 2016, was made using Zurb Foundation 6, jQuery, SASS and Gulp.

Tools and skills used on this project: