My name is Diego Esteves, I’m from Sao Paulo – Brazil, and I work as designer, front end developer and also illustrator.

I’m bachelor in advertising for Mackenzie University (SP/Brazil) and I work in this area since 2010.

Some could find it a little strange, about my work into all of those differents areas, so I like to explain why I see them so related.

It all began with design. Where I’ve started working with offline media, but quickly I’ve changed my focus to the Web, at those times we used to make Flash websites. Over the years, that neared me from what we call today front end developer, on the other side I’ve studied illustration as a branch of my design knowledge, which leaded me to experiment more and start making comics.

Over the years I have worked in some of Brazil’s largest e-commerces, such as Netshoes, B2W Group and Dafiti. And also in some small design studios in São Paulo, Brazil. Since 2015 I become a freelancer, which allows me to be more flexible and work between different areas.

You can find more information about my skills and experience at my Linkedin or even, sending me a “hi” at hello@diegoesteves.ink